Title: Ain’t That a Kick in the Ass
Characters: John & Rudy, John & Dorian
Prompt: John tries out his new leg (Straw Man) Written for the AHFanCon on tumblr
Summary: John is secretly delighted with the leg Dorian gave him as a gift, but he doesn’t want Dorian to know that. It’ll blow his cool. . . .

Written for the 2nd AHFanCon on tumblr, going on right now.

John enjoys messing with Rudy"s headCollapse )

Feb. 11th, 2015

Time for an update on the bio section. Ironically, I got this off of tumblr...Collapse )

So, I ended up not going to Raleigh.Collapse )

That was my weekend. Also, my sleep woes continue. I was up until 1:30 Monday night and I haven't caught up yet. I went for a walk today which will help, and I'll take a hot shower which will also help. All I wanna do is sleep for the next 10 hours so I don't fall asleep at my desk. It's really embarrassing.

Feb. 5th, 2015

I'm still trying to figure out how tumblr has taken over fandom.

As a journaling platform, it's awkward and prohibitive. No real conversation can go on. And there seems to be a lot more strident posts than I ever saw on LJ.

All we do is reblog images and pithy sayings from each other. So what I really don't get is since little original content is generated (and yeah, I know there is SOME original content, just not that much in comparison to LJ), why people feel the need to schedule posts, even when they go away on vacation. I follow this one person who went away for several days and then set a posting queue that reblogged up to 10 images at a time, a couple of times a day. Why? Why do that? It's not like it was original content. Then that person states today that work has been busy and apologized for not posting regularly so they were going to set up a queue to reblog stuff. Like, we're missing something? What is so all-important to reblog if you're not there to look at it in real time? Or, is it because you don't want us to forget about you if you're not constantly on tumblr reblogging shit that we've probably seen? And if that's it, dude, that's kind of pathetic. I just don't get it.

I miss the halcyon days of LJ, when we had good conversations and back-and-forth and got to know about people's lives, not just which pretty boy or girl they're lusting over this week. ...

Oh, lordy. That makes me one of those nostalgics, doesn't it? Too bad. Claiming it.


So HeadBoy scored a trip to Raleigh with the theater department and talked me into driving over tomorrow after I put in 2.5 hours to make my 20 for the week. Truth be told, I'd rather stay home. That will leave Boy2 in charge of Fred and the house, and frankly, we don't trust him to not have people over. Last time we left him for the weekend, he had a couple of friends over, one of whom smoked pot on our front porch. And, he just doesn't like Fred, nor does Fred like him. Not putting this on Fred, because he's a dog with trust issues, but Boy2 can be very impatient with him. For that reason alone, I don't want to go. But there's just the whole I-wanna-stay-in-my-own-house feeling, do laundry, cook, clean the bathroom (which needs it) and generally, just hide out. But there is the opportunity for an Art Crawl and dinner with friends, and while I'd like to see them, I don't want to be away for 2 nights & 3 days. Maybe I'll come early anyway.

Feb. 4th, 2015

Whoa. It's been a while, yeah?

One day I'll get back into the habit of writing stuff here. Starting today maybe.

So a lot of stuff has happened, and yet, not. Life is going along.
*HeadBoy is determined to retire in June 2016. We're getting ourselves situated for that.
*Boy2 is still looking for a job, and for the moment is still skimming off of us. He's applied far and wide, and does have a few nibbles.
*Boy1 is doing sort of well, well enough to not borrow any money from us for living expenses. He and The Girl are finally getting their shit together. Although, I did give him my credit card number to buy tickets to Burning Man 2015 with. He swears he'll pay me back when the money from their underwriter sends it. He'd better. I couldn't pay that credit card off this month.
*I'm doing all right. Going to the gym at least 2 times a week, mostly 3. I have a bike at home that I ride when I don't feel like leaving the house after I get home from work. I started combating that feeling by bringing exercise togs with me, changing at work and going straight to the gym. DId that yesterday and Monday. I took today off since I didn't have much time. And I don't feel guilty about giving myself a day off every now and then.
*Birthday was Sunday. I got a lot of nice messages here and on FB. Colleagues at school gave me flowers and cards and a little party. Colleagues at the college didn't know, but that's all right. HeadBoy and I went to ...wait for it....Gastonia to the big fabric store there. Woohoo. And then we continued our exploration of the back roads of NC by taking Hwy 226 home. Dear god, there was NOTHING there. Just a lot of rolling hills and fields and trailers and churches. I was so happy to see the interstate at that point. He took me to breakfast Sunday morning which was excellent, and basically I did nothing.

Writing-wise, I have a fic due in a few weeks for hp_goldenage which is coming along. It's still in manuscript, so I need to start digitizing it soonest. I'm determined to finish my Almost Human Big Bang, that didn't bang for me at all. I hope to get it done by the end of March since I have spring break for 2 weeks, a grand total of 5 days off. I hope I have some money so I can hire an artist. And finally, I want to finish off a Harry Potter/Star Trek:AOS long fic that's been rattling around in G-dox for several years. I poke at it every so often, but it'll need a severe beta job. Anyone up for that? Probably April & May if I continue on this slow, steady course.

This weekend HeadBoy is taking the Theater department at his school to their annual conference (don't know why he gets roped into this gig, other than he's a male teacher with a school-bus driver's license). He begged me to come with him, but I don't want to lose 2 days of work. So I agreed to drive over on Friday afternoon, but have to come home Saturday evening since I have official duties on Sunday morning.

All in all, doing all right. Another year older, but feeling better about life. How about you?

dammit, karl--round 2

I want to point out that Karl is in the same city I am at this very moment.

But I am not where he is. I am at the airport.

I might be breathing the same air molecules where he walked from his plane to his transport.

I'm just going to have to be content with that.


I also wrote comment fic because of today's traveling Jim & Bones pix

FlyingCollapse )

Getting ready to board.
Glad to be going home!
Missing Karl though.

dammit, karl

At some point in my life, I will learn to do research. Like, when I go to New Orleans, check to see if Karl Urban might be in town.

Which he is, this weekend at New Orleans Comic Con. Which I found out about, 4 weeks ago, and bought a ticket for Friday. Because tomorrow, I fly home on a ticket I purchased 3 months ago.

Then, to discover 2 days ago, that Karl isn't here on Friday. He's here tomorrow, at 2pm, when I'll be at the airport.


Also, never go to a con on the first day because NOTHING happensCollapse )
Title: Even Unto the Stars
Word Count: 7266, for Part II
Rating/Warnings: This part rated R; Warning: M-Preg: see notes for Part I
Summary: Contact with a new member of the Federation has an unexpected effect on Jim Kirk.
Notes: Written for the 2013 & 2014 space_wrapped fest.
Many, many thanks to the ever-gracious weepingnaiad for her help on this. Al remaining mistakes are my own. YAY! Finished!

Even Unto the StarsCollapse )

time flies when you're having fun

Missing my eldest child's birthday today. But when you're 24 the last place you want to be on your birthday is with your parents. I think the last birthday I celebrated with my folks was my 18th and I made my own cake. After than I was at school or married and gone from home permanently.

So I'm just sitting here, quietly depressed, in my parents' house, missing my son who wouldn't be at home to celebrate his birthday anyway. Last year he missed dinner even though we'd planned something specifically for him.

Boy1 under the cut.Collapse )

My brother spent the night here last night (and tonight) since he's on a short rotation at the hospital. That meant I spent the night on the blowup mattress in the living. It wasn't the most restful night, but decent enough. Bro2 got up at 530 to go to work, and woke me up, which meant I was awake and ready by the time Dad was up and ready to go.

Last night Dad & I ended up going to the Pelicans game. I have zero interest in basketball and even less in pro ball, but my brother didn't want to do so he gave us the tickets. Still, it ended up costing us a bunch of money for parking & beer. Charging $9.00 for a beer is a sin, but hey, we the captives will pay it.

Sweet Jesus but I"m looking more like Dad every dayCollapse )

Jan. 5th, 2015

There"s a good goddamn reason I live 750 miles from my parentsCollapse )

Life in all its glory, otherwiseCollapse )

Hoping to get the next chapter of "Even Unto the Stars" finished up by tomorrow. That'll be a huge relief. And tonight, Sleepy Hollow returns. Hope it's an inspiring one.

what a difference a month makes....

When last I wrote...Collapse )

So another year, gone. I hope 2015 is a lot better for all of us. And, for the record, I once again escaped having surgery this year. Go me!

Love & hugs to all,
abigail89 ♥
Title: Even Unto the Stars
Word Count: ~5900, for Part I
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 Warning: M-Preg: see notes
Summary: Contact with a new member of the Federation has an unexpected effect on Jim Kirk.
Notes: 1. I know! Me! Writing a male pregnancy, a trope I don’t even like much. But this story came to me one night over a year ago, and WeepingNaiad said to go for it. I thought this would have a lot of comedy to it, but it’s turned out more wistful and poignant.
2. This story is set in my “The Shotgun Proposal” ‘verse, in which Leonard and Jim are nearing the end of their active mission careers. Suffice it to say, they are older (and maybe wiser) and have been married for a few years.
3. Thanks to my brain twin, writing partner, and savior WeepingNaiad for pushing me through this. It was intended for last year’s Space Wrapped, and then life blew up and so did the story. Thank all the stars we intended this fest to be low-stress and low-guilt. My eternal thanks to her for beta’ing and correcting the wonky grammar. All remaining mistakes are mine alone.
4. Part II will be up soon.
5. Star Trek and its characters belong to CBS, Gene Roddenberry, etc., blahblahblah. Anything you don’t recognize belongs to me. But I’m not making any money off of this thing, because God knows, no one would pay for it.

And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space. ~Kahlil Gibran

Even Unto the StarsCollapse )

Thanks for reading. Part II will be up in the next few days, I promise. I'm spending the next 11 days with my parents, without HeadBoy, so there will be some significant hiding out time, which I will spend writing.

Happy New Year!

weak with relief

After what has to be the most horrific 24 hours my family has ever endured, my niece's condition turned the corner for the better. During the night--Wednesday to Thursday--her condition stabilized and improved to the point that her doctor decided to go ahead with surgery, 2 days ahead of schedule, to remove the packing from her abdomen and to close her up. The surgery, on Thanksgiving morning, took less than an hour, and during the next 12 hours, Olivia started coming out of the coma. This morning, Friday, she was removed from the vent, and immediately asked about her baby.

Of course she would, and for the next 4 hours her boyfriend and her parents kind of put her off. She was in and out of consciousness, in a lot of pain, and generally just not up to handling such shocking news. They finally told her and even though she was loaded up with valium, she still went into hysterics. We got to the hospital about 30 minutes afterwards, and my brother decided that no one else would see her for the rest of the day, so I quelled my father's objections and took my parents home.

I agree with my brother's decision to keep the circle of people having contact with her today to a minimum, just her 2 brothers, the boyfriend, and her BFF. The "other Olivia", the BFF, who is also Hinsley Rose's godmother, has the unenviable task of convincing my niece to see her baby. I know that sounds harsh and gruesome to some of you, but I've even come around to this line of thought. I know if either of my babies had died I would have demanded to see them. I mean, they're a part of you, and it's important to see them, touch them, feel them. Garrett took it on and I think it has helped him enormously to process what has happened. I think she needs to do this, but for the moment, Olivia has decided not to.

My brother posted on FB that the emergency medical team that did the first surgery gave her less than 10% chance of making it out alive. That's how critical she was, and just how close she came to dying herself. But, as with most, her youth and prime physical condition, the liver disease that has plagued her throughout her life notwithstanding, carried her through, along with some truly excellent doctoring. I've never experienced the ICU culture, but when they mean 'intensive' they mean some medical person is with the patient every second of the day. There was always an RN in the room, constantly updating her chart, adjusting her medications, messing with the ridiculous number of tubes dangling overhead, checking her output, making more updates. Then there's the RN that monitors every patient from the central desk and the RN that circulates in and out regularly. When Olivia went in to the ICU Wednesday morning she was the only patient, and even now I only saw 1 other patient, so she's getting a lot of attention. But if this is the level of care that this relatively small hospital gives, count me as a fan.

The rest of the past few daysCollapse )

Thank you all for your lovely expressions of concern. There is an army of friends around the world sending out good vibes, prayers and love for Olivia. Even if you don't believe any of this has one whit of impact on her condition, it sure does make me, and her family, feel strengthened and supported, that we are not alone in our despair. That's huge. Really huge. And I thank you.

Today's trainwreck

LJ has always been my go-to place to whine, bitch and moan--and to level criticism. Can't do it on FB or Twitter (husband is there), so yay for LJ!

Inconsequential and not related to anything importantCollapse )

It's been a cruddy day, rained all day. I've been cold all day too. Which is kind of good, because it means my hormones are returning to...well, not normal, but something like I was before menopause kicked my ass for the last 6 years.

HeadBoy insisted on taking me out to dinner. Went to the Whole Foods deli. I know you're thinking Damn, girl. Cheap date. I like the deli, and it is sort of cheap. We did a little shopping after and came home to finish the laundry. I sort out the jewelry I'm taking to my neighbor to sell at the neighborhood craft sale on Saturday since I won't be here. Nice of her to sell it on my behalf. We're gearing up for the long road trip to NOLA.

How all y'all?
Title: I’ve Got Your Back--Part 1
Rating: Mature
Words: ~3000, with more to come
Challenge: Harry & Ron leave the Wizarding World
Summary: Harry & Ron are sent on assignment by no less than the Minister for Magic himself with the esteemed Detective Greg LeStrade of New Scotland Yard. The assignment: To live and work as Muggles.
Warnings: Ridiculousness, shagging, drinking and life without magic.
Notes: Written for the hp_reunion event in the wonderful community harryronreunion. Unfortunately, it took a while for this fic to emerge in my imagination (the good news is I have the opening 5 pages of another Harry/Ron fic started). This is Part 1: Ron & Harry Get the Bad News

Part 1: Ron & Harry Get the Bad NewsCollapse )

::FIC:: HP/ST:AOS crossover

Title: Mud in Your Eye
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Star Trek: AOS--an Epic Crossover
Characters: Harry Potter & Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy
Prompt: Written for pissed_potter, part of the hp_reunion event.
Prompt: 11. crossover with whatever new!shiny fandom you're invested in
What I’m getting pissed on: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon. A New Belgium wheat beer preceded it. My god, this is some smooth bourbon. I haven't been this pissed in forever! Thanks a lot for NOTHING, pissed_potter.
Summary: Harry Potter has had an epically shit day. So has Leonard McCoy, MD.

Harry Potter has had an epically shit day. So has Leonard McCoy, MD.Collapse )


I usually hate change, but...Collapse )

Have been enjoying the little Harry Potter reunion going on, in all its iterations. I agreed to write for the
harryronreunion and I've been writing on the fic but I may not make the deadline. I'm okay with that. It took me a while to find the tone and the direction of the story, and I came to it rather late. Fortunately, it's humourous, and I intend to finish it since I'm liking where it's going.

Very much looking forward to finishing my space_wrapped story from last year, which grew and grew until I couldn't handle it any more. I'm still disappointed in myself for not finishing a story for my own damn fest. But I will finish it, dammit. I'm posting on December 31, which is the last day, so my story will close out the holiday fest. Better make it a good one. At least it'll be long.

Been reading a lot. I'm finally set to finish The Tiger's Wife. Also finished the first volume of Diane Duane's Young Wizards series. I have books 2 & 3 which I hope to read over the holiday.

So for the first time in a very long time, I can honestly say, things are going pretty well. We're all well, we're all relatively happy, and it's looking pretty good. I have my even-tempered husband back, and I'm no longer fear he's going to topple over from a stroke. I'll take it.
Title:The Boys of October
Pairing/Fandom: ST:AOS Christopher Pike/Leonard McCoy; shades of Chris Pike/Phil Boyce
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 6211
Summary: Chris Pike meets the doctor that saved his life almost two years ago in a sports bar. They bond over baseball and bourbon and become more than friends.

Written for this prompt at the st_xi_kink_meme part 7, I claimed in March 2010 (and that was closed a zillion years ago.) It’s taken me this long. *hangs head in shame*
-> Phil Boyce’s ‘beautiful boy’ comes from imachar’s masterful “The Weight of a Man” series and is used with permission. Cheers, my darlin'!
-> Beta'd by the incomparable weepingnaiad who took a raw story and beat it into something approaching readable. Thank you, my dear friend.

The Boys of OctoberCollapse )
Four years it took me to finish this. FOUR. YEARS. I was determined to post it this year. That's one WIP off my list. Now about a hundred to go..

The one-two, double whammy

As if things couldn"t get worse, they did.Collapse )

We had a great time at Dragon*Con this year. Saw Karl Urban (he was beyond fabulous. Oh my! My husband now thinks he's fabulous, too. He really enjoyed Karl's panel), saw Patrick Stewart--had our picture taken with both. I have a digital file of our photo with Sir Patrick, but it's huge and I'll post it after I've resized it. But weepingnaiad & I sprung for a photo of us with Karl.Collapse )

FIC::ST:AOS:: Puppy Love:: Jim & Bones

Title: Puppy Love
Pairing: Jim & Bones
Rating: slightly naughty
Note: Comment fic inspired by the images under the cut. It's been a long, hot dry spell for me.

Puppy LoveCollapse )

Other stuffCollapse )

Aug. 15th, 2014

Good lord. I haven't updated since before we went camping in June. *SIGH* Totally a commentary on life of late.
Early summer....Collapse )

The continuing MIL saga fills most of JulyCollapse )

The grand finale: NOLACollapse )

That was my summer. I read a few more books (The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert; Jim the Boy & The Blue Star by Tony Earley; The Lady & the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier; Looking for Alaska by John Green;The Virgin's Lover by Phillipa Gregory; Risk & Reward by Jenni Michaels and Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan) I finished The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and ended up liking it.

Writing? ...Well, I don't want to talk about it, but I think my muse has up and died.

And now I'm back at work full time again. To celebrate, I bought myself a new MacBook because my old one won't run some programs any more. It's time. I got the paltry educator's discount and financed it through Apple so I can take a while to pay it off.

Is summer over for you? Or winter? Or whatever it is for where you live? I've also got a headache. Hope your day is/was good.
Last week I promised to post photos of our CSA (community-supported agriculture) basket of green things from the college garden. Once again, the CSA program did not disappoint. Under here for 3 large imagesCollapse )

Well, that didn"t quite work out the way I thought it wouldCollapse )

MIL saga entry for this weekCollapse )

What I"m Reading:Collapse )

Right. Work. Must do work.

May. 28th, 2014

the MIL saga continuesCollapse )

Last day at the school for the summer! Only not really because I need to make up four days. And that's fine. I like being there when everyone's gone.

So why am I writing this in the wee hours of the morning? I have no idea. My mind got onto some idea and it kept me awake most of the night. I'm operating on about 2 hours here and have been up since 4am, too late to take anything to try to sleep. Guess I'll just get some exercise and try to stay awake until 4:30 this afternoon. It's nice to not have any evening commitments during the summer. When I left work yesterday I had to remind myself I didn't have to work. Bliss. It'll take me a few weeks to get over having to remind myself.

The alarm just went off. Maybe I'll crawl back into bed and try to catch a nap.

::FIC:: John & Dorian::pg-13

Title: The Birthday Dinner
Pairing: John Kennex, Dorian
Giftee: volatilehearts
Prompt: Dorian baking or cooking. [Hey, you get both!]
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: It’s John’s birthday, but he just doesn’t do birthday. But Dorian does.
Notes: Written for the ahfancon gift exchange on tumblr fpr volatilehearts.

The Birthday Dinner at AO3


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