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Last week I promised to post photos of our CSA (community-supported agriculture) basket of green things from the college garden. Once again, the CSA program did not disappoint. Under here for 3 large imagesCollapse )

Well, that didn't quite work out the way I thought it wouldCollapse )

MIL saga entry for this weekCollapse )

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Right. Work. Must do work.

May. 28th, 2014

Grumpy face
the MIL saga continuesCollapse )

Last day at the school for the summer! Only not really because I need to make up four days. And that's fine. I like being there when everyone's gone.

So why am I writing this in the wee hours of the morning? I have no idea. My mind got onto some idea and it kept me awake most of the night. I'm operating on about 2 hours here and have been up since 4am, too late to take anything to try to sleep. Guess I'll just get some exercise and try to stay awake until 4:30 this afternoon. It's nice to not have any evening commitments during the summer. When I left work yesterday I had to remind myself I didn't have to work. Bliss. It'll take me a few weeks to get over having to remind myself.

The alarm just went off. Maybe I'll crawl back into bed and try to catch a nap.

::FIC:: John & Dorian::pg-13

almost human: logo
Title: The Birthday Dinner
Pairing: John Kennex, Dorian
Giftee: volatilehearts
Prompt: Dorian baking or cooking. [Hey, you get both!]
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: It’s John’s birthday, but he just doesn’t do birthday. But Dorian does.
Notes: Written for the ahfancon gift exchange on tumblr fpr volatilehearts.

The Birthday Dinner at AO3

The state of the abigail, et. al.

I've been visiting my parents this week in NOLA. Usually, I can't wait to get the hell out of here after 3 days, but this has been pleasant. It's me and Boy2 and Fred, so that may have something to do with it, less stress, less people to put up with. My brothers and niece/nephews are all busy, so I've just hung out here with the 'rents and Fred. Boy2 finally took a car to visit with Nephew2 and they were going to lunch and then to his track meet.

My parents are getting oldCollapse )

Boy2 drives me crazyCollapse )

A blast from the pastCollapse )

Last dayCollapse )

Did I get anything accomplished?Collapse )

So, on the 2nd day of spring, I'm sweating in New Orleans and wearing flip flops. What about you? Has spring sprung, or are you still battling snow?

Mar. 13th, 2014

abigail's daffodils
The Good:
* Work, though it's hot as hell in the college library these days. The chiller blew up over Christmas and is gonna cost about $100K to replace it. The college does not have that kind of cash so it's going to take some creative financing and a low bid to get it fixed. I have a window open right now, and it's 37F. It's tolerable.
* Writings. Surprisingly, I've been pretty excited about it. I haven't written in a few days because of things going on, but I have ideas and words and plots and notes.
* Spring Break. OMG, so glad the break is here. I worked a little while on Monday at the school, but took all of Tuesday off to clean. Next week is the college break and I'm getting outta here.
* Life in general

The Bad:
* Headboy's cough. The upside is I haven't caught this. But he's coping.
* Spring Break travels. You'd think this would be a good, but it's not something I'm really looking forward to. Going to visit my parental units over the break with Boy2 and Fred in tow. I dread teh drive. But Boy2 is a good driver so all is not lost. I'd much rather stay home.
* People on FB are loving this photo one of the librarians took of me. Me, not so much. It just shows how much weight I've gained since menopause and it's not good. *SIGH* The thought of going on a diet or paying for WW just makes me depressed.
* My house. Ugh. At this point the only saving grace may be to burn it down and start over.

The Ugly:
* MIL's continuing spiral into delusion and stubbornness. She and Headboy have gotten into some doozy fights of late. She really needs to go into nursing care and she refuses. It's ugly.

I've spent 2 days cleaning just 3 rooms of the house: the 2 bathrooms and the now 'spare' room. We're hosting 4 girls from a touring college choir that performs here tonight. I hadn't cleaned Boy2's bathroom in ages (though Headboy regularly cleans the potty). It was nasty. He is a nasty boy. After many hours of cleaning, it's now clean, though that was 2 days ago. I'm about to send him outdoors to pee. The spare room, which now has an exercise bike and free weights in it (as well as a piano) has 2 twin beds in it still, so those have been made up. The queen-sized futon downstairs will host the other 2. Then tomorrow we'll cook breakfast for them and get them back here for 9am. I never understand why I do these things, but at least it prompts me to get the house cleaned a little.

Otherwise, we're all pretty healthy, pretty tired of snow (snowed last night, just enough to beat down my crocuses that were blooming their little purpley hearts out) and cold (it was 70F yesterday; 37F right now). Mother Nature, you're drunk. Sober up, hun.

::FIC::ST:AOS::Jim & Bones::r

Karl is sweet!
Shit, I should be in bed. I'm really wiped out after a long week. But no, I'm up watching a stupid zombie movie and writing comment porn.

The Admiral's Reception
Jim & Bones
rated R
No idea how long it is, not long. It's comment porn!
Based on today's images at jim_and_bones

The Admiral's ReceptionCollapse )

::FIC:: Almost Human::John & Dorian::pg

almost human: robot boys
Title: Water
Characaters: John Kennex & Dorian
Rating: pg
Summary: John's in the hospital again. Dorian comes by to encourage him.
Notes: Written for almosthumantv's 20 minute fic challenge. This actually took a little more than 20 minutes, but hey, I was on a roll!

She gives him that irritating mom-smile. . .Collapse )

FIC:: ST:AOS:: Jim/Bones:: rated explicit

ST: Bones/Jim sweethearts
Title: Another Day in Paradise
Prompt: TLC: Bones has had a long, miserable day (exams, surgeries, flight sims - your pick). All Jim wants to do is take care of him. Bones POV
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 6443
Summary: After a long, full, miserable day in sickbay, Jim makes sure his Bones is taken care of.
A/N: Many thanks to my awesome braintwin weepingnaiad for the very helpful beta and for the word warring sessions that moved this thing along. Could not have done this without you, bb! As always, any remaining mistakes and stupidity are mine alone.
Written for jim_and_bones Sweethearts Challenge. For the prompt I wrote McCoy's POV, and demoerin wrote Jim's POV: Tender Lovin' Don't Mention It
Disclaimer: I do not know own these characters, but they do own me. No money is being made, no disrespect is intended. I’m just letting them play together in ways Gene Roddenberry couldn’t.

When the comm goes off at 0544, it’s never a good thing.Collapse )


It's been a while, yeah? Not that I haven't thought about writing an LJ entry, I have. I haven't had much to say.

Read moreCollapse )


Jan. 9th, 2014

Groovy Albus

Yesterday, on the coldest day in decades here in the mountains, the college, the quadrant the college resides in, lost power in the morning and didn't get it back until last night. Twelve hours of cold. The power is on, but it's taking a loooong time for the library to warm up. It's a toasty 62F here in archives, up from 56F when I came in this morning. Fortunately, I worked at the school yesterday and the power was on there. We Southerners, even us mountain people, just aren't used to negative temperatures. Everyone in the snow belt is laughing at us, and for good reason, but dang, this is not how life is for us. [I'm sure my parents in New Orleans, where it got down below freezing, don't have coats warm enough for that. They don't need them. My brother skis so he has appropriate clothing.] Even our woodstove couldn't keep up; the furnace came on with the stove going full time for more than 12 hours. That's cold, people, when the woodstove can't heat our little house to above 65F.

[Wrote that yesterday, on Wednesday. It's now Thursday. Yes, I quit in the middle of writing an LJ entry.] Supposed to get up to 48F today!
Work ramble...Collapse )
Boy ramble...Collapse )
The MIL ramble...Collapse )
And now it is Thursday, and the archives is a pleasant 69F and the library is still warming up, but it's 65F upstairs. We've been hosting one of my young 2nd cousins (the daughter of my 1st cousin Peggy) and her boyfriend for the past 6 days. They are leaving today. YAY. It's not that they've been a pain; it's just that they're 20/23 and were supposed to stay with Boy1 and The Girl, but they all kind of had a falling out in New Orleans; Boy1 and The Girl aren't even in town. So we've had them at the house sleeping on the futon by the woodstove and eating the rest of the ice cream in the middle of the night. And drinking our beer. They've entertained themselves during the day, but have hung out at night with us. We've fed them well and that's good because they're both impossibly skinny and edgy-artsy types and I'm sure they don't eat well otherwise. /mommy comment

We are, it seems, easing back into the normal. Or at least finding the normal. At least Fred is taking it well.

for the moment

glasses & book
Happy 2014! At least for the moment. No disasters have happened. Our trees decided not to come down during the ferocious wind/snow storm; Boy1 & The Girl are home from visiting my side of the family; HeadBoy had a day off from school; Boy2 is in stand-by mode as college starts back next week.

It is amazingly cold here--I know some of you are laughing about that. It's cold all over North America, but after a few weeks of very mild temps to wake up to snow, ice and an -8F wind chill/10F when the day before it was 58F and rainy, it was a bit of a shock. It's currently about 18F, clear & sunny. I'm at the school proctoring an exam (the SSAT, standard test to get into a private school) and the main road through town was dry. There was one icy patch on our little street, but the Accord moved admirably through it.

My organizing mojo has returned & an admissionCollapse )

Enough whining. Man, have I been whiney lately. How all y'all? Staying warm? Staying cool? Written anything I should read? Point me! One of habits I want to develop is be here on LJ/DW more often. [Heh, just after I declared I'm not a writer....way to go, idiot.] I can't tell you how helpful and soothing it was to write all my anger out this holiday. And to have some of you respond in soothing and helpful ways. Once again, LJ/DW is the best sort of therapy. All I wanted, all any of us wants, is to be heard and to be told it's going to be all right.

And it is all right, for the moment.

Last hours of 2013

karl glasses
...Goodbye 2013!! My god, this year was not good.

*My grandmother died.
*Boy2 flunked out of college, got fired from a job he held for 3 weeks, proceeded to flunk both summer courses, but did manage to do well in the 3 classes he took this fall.
*My MIL...jfc, I won't even go there.
*I didn't have surgery. YAY! One goal accomplished. But I have this weird liver thing hanging over me. The blood work was all normal; the ultrasound was less revealing. IDEK. Oh, and my last dental checkup was awful, so the dentist recommended going to an electric toothbrush. It arrived today from amazon. Getting old sucks, and is expensive.
*Writing---finished a Big Bang with my awesome partner, wrote in 2 new fandoms (Almost Human & Sleepy Hollow), but ever since November, I haven't been able to write much. Sucks.
*My house is much more orderly thanks to Unfuck Your Habitat. Seriously. Just making a commitment to three things (changing the sheets on the bed every week; keeping the floor-drobe picked up; making sure the kitchen is clean every night) has made a big difference in how I approach life.
* I pretty well de-caffeinated myself. No more midnight heart palpitations.
* Sold a shit-ton of my beaded jewelry and journals. At three craft fairs, I made over $400.
* Didn't read a lot of books this year, not new ones. I'm re-reading Harry Potter (slowly, at night in bed). I guess the book I enjoyed the most was the newest Dresden Files story. Met Jim Butcher at Dragon*Con, which was fun.
* Had 2 awesome visits with weepingnaiad and imachar. We met Bruce Greenwood. He gives lovely hugs.
* Knitted six baby blankets.
* Still employed, have health insurance; my IRA & 401(k) both made money; crawling out of debt slowly; still married; haven't killed either of my kids.

I guess I'll call it a draw.

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope it's everything you want it to be.

Dec. 28th, 2013

After staying up til the wee hours this morning to shake off the last of the hangover, I've developed some sort of sour stomach. Don't think it's a virus; I'm running a very slight temperature, but that may be because Fred and I were snuggling and we both got very warm. I also have a slight headache, but I didn't drink much coffee this morning (I count myself mostly de-caffed, but I still have a small amount).

I've also had an extremely lazy day. Oh, I did a load of flannel sheets, changed the ones on our bed; cleaned up the kitchen & made soup. But that's it. I've been on the sofa all day save for the 2 hours I rode around with HeadBoy who did a couple of errands. I dozed through most of that trip. He went out earlier in the day before the weather deteriorated for a hike with Fred. That did wonders for his mood. He's now at his mother's, though he said she was supposed to have a caregiver with her all day.

Musing on what may be in the futureCollapse )

After the events of the week, I'm not feeling any guilt about being a total slug today. I guess I've needed it. Just wish my sluggishness involved writing, but my brain refuses to do much beyond telling me when I need to pee or get a glass of water or hell, breathe. I watched movies on TNT, all of which I've seen and am now watching a re-run of 'Almost Human.' Karl on my tv is always good for my soul.

Think I'm going to clean up the kitchen again, take a shower and go to bed. It's a rainy night. Really good for sleeping.

Dec. 25th, 2013

snowy abigail
My dear friends, I wish for you a very Merry Christmas.

Elf Fred hopes you have a wonderful day.

Nov. 3rd, 2013

cooking goddess
I've been churning out some dinners of late, good ones. Tried going back to the vegan track, but I haven't been very successful....that's not true. During the week I do well because I have ready access to a salad bar and am out of the house and don't feel responsible for feeding Boy2. But the weekend? Living with a dedicated carnivore is hard.

So Wednesday I made this amazing recipe I found on tumblr

Roasted winter vegetables (I didn't have brussels sprouts, so I roasted spaghetti squash, sweet potato and carrot chunks--very orange!), with a spicy guac and brown rice, layered in a bowl, topped with feta. Awesome.

Then I made Kaddo bowrani, a Afghani pumpkin dish

Bake quarters of a pumpkin, then add ground beef simmered in tomato sauce (Yeah, forgot about the ground beef) with a yogurt-garlic sauce. It is awesome. But yeah, red meat. It's been banished to the 'other' file.

Been eating oat bran for breakfast (bleh), but gotta do it.


Finished a Big Bang with weepingnaiad this weekend, and man, it's good to get that off my plate. WN kind of talked me into it because it was a Marvel-Avengers/Justified crossover, which sounded crazy cakes until she outlined her idea, and I was like, 'huh, works.' Writing Thor was a gas. We had some terrific graphics to go with it, and we did our own mix which you can find here.

Must rec sullacat's recent Jim/Bones big bang called Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow. It's awesome. Read it.

::FIC: Sleep Hollow:: "Familiar" g

Sleepy Hollow: smirking Ichabod
Oh, goddammit. Another fandom has reeled me in.

Title: Familiar

Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

Pairing: Abbie Mills & Ichabod Crane

Word Count: 673

Summary: Ichabod discovers one thing about the 21st century he understands.


Now this is familiarCollapse )

Oct. 13th, 2013

abigail's daffodils

Bruce Greenwood, y'all. The man can sing.

At "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County"


almost human: logo
Title: Three Faces Dorian Makes that Drive Kennex Crazy, and One that doesn't
Fandom: Almost Human (still not live on TV yet. Can November 4th please get here already??)
Characters: John Kennex & Dorian
Rating: pg
Word Count: ~1100
Summary: There are many faces Dorian makes, most of which drive Kennex crazy. Most.
Notes: Still waiting to see something more than trailers, shorts, and interviews. Still a shot in the dark as far as character interactions. Still quietly obsessing.

Why do you do that?Collapse )

Oct. 9th, 2013

abigail's daffodils
Things that are making me happy right now:
*Autumn has arrived! Chilly nights, cool-ish days with brilliant sunshine and blue sky.
*weepingnaiad arrives TONIGHT!!!!
*imachar arrives FRIDAY!!!
*I've decided to take Friday & Monday off (sorry, WN, but Thursday is full of required elements. BOO!)
*Sleepy Hollow--continues to push my literary/historical buttons, but damn, it's a fun show; a laughing Gibbs on NCIS last night.
*My homecoming commitments for the college were successful. Yay. That's over for a year.
*NPR Music is streaming the Avett Brothers new album this week. I'm listening to it now. It's good.
*I finally broke down and bought a digital subscription to the New York Times. At least I got the educator's discount.

Things that are urgh...
*Because of the homecoming commitments, I'm way behind on reference.
*Boy2 is dragging his feet on writing his final paper for his theater class. Which means I need to bring out my big stick. Oh, and the community college is eliminating the theater department. Fucking awesome, right? Not.
*Facebook is pissing me off, especially the idiots talking idiocy about Obamacare and the shutdown caused by the Democrats. The asshats are mostly my family members.
*My BFF iin RL celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday, and I forgot. I am a total fail.

Nothing truly ugly is happening at the moment, a rarity in our lives. Well, unless you count the government shut-down, the stupidity, the greed, the get the picture. For our small corner of the universe, yeah, it's pretty calm.

Take care of each other.


a long, happy day

Tiger swimming
The day actually started out sort of a bummer because HeadBoy spent the night at his evil mother's and not with us, but that's the way it goes. Got up early-ish, changed the bed sheets, UFYH, walked Fred, and had a few minutes to spend on my new porch swing.

Behold my husband's amazing wood-working skills!Collapse )

So at 10, HeadBoy came home, loaded me up, and headed out to Festival on the (soccer practice) Field at the college, where I had a very busy day selling my wares.

Happily...Collapse )

Immediately after, we honored our 3 Teams of Excellence for the Athletic Hall of Fame, then we headed out for Tennessee to hear Boy1's new band.

Such a lovely place, if you like rural TNCollapse )

We're home now, watching 'Twister' which is one of our favorite shlocky bad movies. Really should get to bed. I'd love to have one more glass of bourbon...I think I will.

LSU won their game tonight, 59-26. I am well pleased.

Oct. 4th, 2013

What would Minvera do?
I've made it through the worst of the week, and am now settling in for the omg!busy part.
**The individuals inductions into our athletic hall of fame is tonight, and I'm co-responsible for the set-up. That's easy. I work with good people.
**Tomorrow, I'm selling my creative efforts at our festival: handstitched journals (leather and paper covers) & earrings & bracelets. I'm pricing this shit to sell. And then I can buy more paper and beads. :D
**After the festival ends, like immediately afterwards, we recognize the teams of excellence. Hence my research on soccer teams for 1963 & 64 all weekend.
**Straight from there, we head to Jonesborough to hear the debut of The Bare Knuckle Quartet, Boy1's contra dance band. He's making up pay the cover charge even though we don't dance.
**Sunday morning is church, choir (which is iffy at this point, since I still have no voice), and potluck. So somewhere between getting home from Tennessee (about an hour away) and 10am Sunday, I have to make a big-ass shepherd's pie for lunch. Again, not really a big deal, but that means planning.
**Sunday night, HeadBoy and I going to dinner at a fancy country club that paid him with a meal voucher instead of cash. I cannot believe we'll eat $150 worth of food, because, dude, there is no food in our region that's worth that much. I mean, come on. But we've decided not to spend the night at a b&b because evil-MIL has risen again.

All of this is contingent on whether or not I make it through the day because I'm still suffering through...something. It's not a cold, so I guess it's an allergy thing: dry throat, hacking/dry/unproductive, cough, watering eyes (really annoying), occasionally runny nose. I took some cough syrup last night and that kept me asleep, and I slept deeply until my evil MIL called us at 5:52am and again at 6:10 because she was hungry and wanted a biscuit from McDonald's. Seriously?? We ended up making some biscuits so HeadBoy got to stay around for another 45 minutes. *sigh* And so it continues...

I'm supposed to go to lunch in about 30 minutes, but I'm not hungry at all. But I know if I skip, it'll hit me in a few hours and then I'll be stuck. Grr.


Oct. 1st, 2013

Autumn leaves
So about Sunday's cake disaster...Collapse )

My thoughts on the BB finale...SPOILERS!!Collapse )

I've made a compact with mga1999 & weepingnaiad to write 15 minutes a day. I've become so lazy. I'll assume that includes editing because that's what needs to happen tonight with my final biography for a college athletic hall of fame inductee. I also need to call said inductee and interrogate him for more info. Guys! They just aren't very chatty about their accomplishments and shit. You have to drag it out of them. Anyway, I know this guy and I can badger him a little more than someone I don't know.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Or allergies. My throat has this annoying dry tickle and I've been sneezing and my eyes are watering. bugger.

Failure to achieve loft

cooking goddess
My failure as a from-scratch cake baker continues.Collapse )

My Tigers lost yesterday. *sob* But it was a good game. Our quarterback threw spectacularly and our receivers made catches I didn't think were possible. But they just couldn't connect on the final series. I don't mind them losing in a hard fought, well played game. But now I have to face Bob the Georgia alum on Monday. He always likes to talk football with me, which is nice, but I don't follow football; I follow LSU football. Nor do I gloat. Bob will gloat. Ah, well. I'll just cheer harder next week.
almost human: robot boys

Title: Curiosity
Fandom: Almost Human
Characters: John Kennex & Dorian (I guess I'm not slashing them just yet)
Summary: In his quest to become more human, Dorian is curious about some basic activities. Inspired by the gif above.

For the almosthumantv First Challenge! How crazy is it that there's a fandom and fic for a series that hasn't even been seen yet? Pretty crazy! I have no idea how these characters interact, so this is a real shot in the dark. Enjoy, I guess!

But why do they call it the bathroom?Collapse )


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